Ogün Sanlısoy -
[I was counting]

Geceler boyu sesine uyandım
At nights I was waking up for your voice
Sen sandım ellere uzandım
I thought it's you, was reaching out for your arms
Sana değil kendime kızardım ben
I was angry not at you, but at myself
Sen giderken
When you were leaving
Aramadım ama elim gitti telefona
I didn't call, but my hand was on the phone
Soramadım ama kalbim yine yan yana
I couldn't ask, but my heart is by your side again
Saramadım o belinden bir daha
I couldn't wrap my arm around your waist once again
Sen giderken
When you were leaving
Saydım kaç gün oldu
I was counting how many days have passed
Saydım kaç gece doldu
I was counting how many nights have
Saydım her gün aynı dön
I was counting, every day is the same, come back
Dön istersen
Come back if you want
Ben isterken dön
I want you to come back