This section in Russian is dedicated to printed textbooks. I don't have a first-hand experience with textbooks in other languages, but I've found some in my searches and reviewed them in a couple of sentences. Those are just examples; I figure there are other useful books in English, and besides, there's a chance that your native language isn't English at all, and you'd prefer the textbooks in your mother tongue. In either case, check your local book stores and libraries. Look for full-blown books, with detailed grammar explanations. If you're serious about the language, phrasebooks won't give you much – you might learn some common phrases, but you'll never get the structure to build your own. Books like "Language in 30 days " aren't much better. A general advice – steer away from the sources that offer you solutions too easy to be true.

FSI Language Courses: Turkish Basic Course. The way grammar is explained is probably not the easiest one to understand, but the book contains loads and loads of examples and texts with translation. I recommend you to use it at least as a reading book. Its two parts available for free download. There are also supporting audio files on the site.

Turkish Grammar by Geoffrey Lewis. Contains every single grammar form, and is quite comprehensive. It looks like an equivalent of the Russian textbook I've picked the most grammar from, so I definitely recommend this one.

Elementary Turkish by Lewis Thomas. Delivers the grammar basics well enough.

Türkçe Öğreniyoruz series. As it's written on the cover, these aren't textbooks but "Active Turkish" – texts without translations with some related questions.

Teach Yourself Turkish by Pollard & Pollard. I didn't have a chance to glimpse into the book itself, but the reviews are quite favorable.